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21 Acres Farm Market

Offers Locally-Sourced Farm Product

Featuring clean, pesticide-free produce and organic farm products, the Market is open year-round giving shoppers affordable options and the opportunity to support local farmers. Don't forget to drop in for "food to go" items prepared each Market day in the 21 Acres Kitchen.

You can now call the Market directly at: 425-398-0533. If you have questions about products, or want to place a special order, you can be sure you’ll get the market when you call!

Winter Hours in the Market

The Market will be open two days a week until spring; Fridays 11-6 and Saturdays, 10-4.

Market demonstrations are conducted each Friday and Saturday from 12:30 to 1 pm.  Plan your shopping trip to coincide with a demo and learn something new.  Past topics have included: simple salad dressings, hummus, secrets of cooking greens, intro to aquaponics, and freeing yourself from plastic bags. (Demos subject to change.)

Here's what's on the demo calendar:

20, 21: Aquaponics with Aaron Huston. Aquaponics is a great way to have a small self-sustaining herb garden in your own home.  Come see Aaron with KoolAid, the beta fish, and his little herb garden. Bring your curiosity and questions.  
27, 28: Essential Skills Series: Cutting Onions- slice, dice and chop. Basic knife skills are an essential part of cooking and enjoying what you are making.  We invite you to come learn and ask questions on these Essential Skills.

6, 7:  Sustainable Table Decor—shop at home first!  (Then shop your sister’s home.) with 21 Acres Sustainable Event Specialist, Jane McClure.
13, Special Guest from the Culinary Education Department.  14: Essential Skills Series: How to chop and mince garlic. Basic knife skills are an essential part of cooking and enjoying what you are making.  We invite you to come learn and ask questions on these Essential Skills.
20, 21: How to make Mayonnaise: why buy mayo when its so easy to make at home? We will be making mayonnaise with pure simple ingredients.
27, 28: Baking Bread- Chef Asako will come show us the tricks of the trade in making the perfect loaf of organic wholegrain bread at home.


3, 4: Fingers crossed for a warm spring! Early Spring Greens- Sorrel, dandelion greens or arugula will be prepared using simple local ingredients.  

Weekly Fresh Sheet

Make sure to get on our mailing list (e-mail to get weekly fresh sheets which feature, not only available produce in season, but dairy, breads and value-added products sourced from local farmers. “Food to go” from the 21 Acres Kitchen is also available each day in the Market. Items change daily and could include soups, salads, sandwiches, main dishes and more.


In addition to fresh product, the 21 Acres Market sells flour, eggs, cheeses, dried beans, whole grains and other staples. 

A sourcing plan is in place that  provides products that the local community needs and that farmers can provide in reliable quantities. The fact that the 21 Acres Market is small,  means that we can provide special items grown by area farmers who are not producing large volumes and wholesaling regularly to other much bigger stores.  21 Acres is committed to paying farmers fair prices and being flexible in our needs so we can take advantage of working with producers who are growing the most beautiful and flavorful farm product available. This will likely mean that it will make sense for us to source things to offer customers that other grocers cannot. Each week will showcase some very special things.

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The Market features wholesome foods grown in Washington State such as:

• locally grown produce

• fresh eggs, milk, cheese and butter

• a wide assortment of flours and grains including several unique gluten-free flours

• artisan products like grapeseed oil and apple cider vinegar

• bread made with local grains

• raw honey

• dried goods such as nuts and beans

• and so much more.

Below is a list of some of our farms and vendors:

21 Acres Kitchen
Alvarez Farm
Apres Vin
Backyard Bees
Blue Hazel Farms
Bluebird Grain Farms
Bow Hill
Brookfield Farm
Causo Farms
Cherry Valley Dairy
Clover's Market Place
Collins Family Orchard
Earth tone Garden
Fairhaven Mill
Four Season Gourmet
Fresh Breeze Dairy
Garden Treasures
Glendale Shepard
Golden Glen Creamery
Goodness and Flavor
Gothberg Farm
Harbor Herbalist
Hierophant Meadery
Lentz Resurgent Grains
Lyell Farm
Mt Townsend Creamery
Nash's Organic Produce
Ocean Tuna
Ole World Oils
Palouse Brand
Parkers Pickles
Ralphs Greenhouse
Rock Island Red
Rosaio's Nursery
Samish Bay Cheese
Sasquatch Mesa
Tahoma Farm
Trufflebert Farm
Viva Farms
We thank all of our wonderful farmers who have provided their beautiful produce over the seasons. 

Interested in Meat?

The Farm Market supports Blue Valley Meats from Walla Walla, WA. They raise and process high quality meats "From Ranchers Who Care... For People Who Care!"  Their goal is to take the mystery OUT of buying meat, and add IN customer service.  No order is too small, and special requests are welcome.  

They want you to feel like their ranch is just down the road, and the butcher is just a phone call away.

Taste the great meats of yesteryear raised on local sustainable family ranches and delivered right to the 21 Acres Market! Beautiful hams, steaks, roasts, sausages and bacon, chicken- all flavorful, yet pleasant tasting meats, with no hormones or antibiotics too!  

Order here on the their web site, pay online, then come pick up your meats at the 21 Acres Market on occasional Fridays at 4:30 p.m. 
(As always, all Blue Valley Meat products are 100% gluten-free.)