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Green Giving–End of Year Donations

Green giving graphic fullGreen Giving for the Holidays and End-of-Year Gifts

Start a new tradition of green giving this year and support 21 Acres simultaneously. Instead of worrying about just what gift to buy or whether or not whatever you’ve bought is in the right size or color, present a friend or family member with a special 21 Acres Membership, Engraved Paver or Gift Certificate.  They’ll be thrilled to receive such a thoughtful gift – and it will most assuredly fit. (Click on the graphic above to download the flyer.)

With each of the gifts below you will receive a special sustainably wrapped certificate tied with a clever item to go along with the theme.  For example, if you purchase a gift certificate for cooking classes, we will tie it nicely with a holiday bow and culinary tool. 


Membership in 21 Acres is an extremely affordable gift.  Individual memberships are as low as $35.  Members receive class discounts and special offers.  When you purchase a 21 Acres Membership for a holiday gift we will provide you with a personalized gift wrapped membership certificate.  For specific information about memberships, follow this link.
Membership purchases support educational programming at 21 Acres and a portion is tax deductible.

Commemorative Pavers – the Forever Gift

Patio paversCommemorative pavers provide a permanent way to show someone how much you care.  Our main patio is a key focal point for the entrance to 21 Acres and our pavers are highly visible outside the Farm Market. Pavers are a nice gift in combination with membership and they are an ideal way to pay tribute to someone special or to honor a significant event.

Pavers are a perfect gift for someone that already has everything and doesn’t need anything else.  When you purchase a 21 Acres paver we will provide you with a personalized gift wrapped certificate including a photo of pavers and details about their installation. For specific information about pavers, follow this link.
Paver purchases support educational programming at 21 Acres and a portion is tax deductible.

Gift Certificates – One Size Definitely Fits All

Gift Certificates are available in any dollar amount and can be for cooking classes as well as for any of our educational programs related to Growing, Eating and Living themes through our school. In addition, Gift Certificates can be purchased for the 21 Acres Farm Market.  When you purchase a 21 Acres Gift Certificate for the market we will provide you with a personalized mini paper shopping bag and certificate.  To purchase any type of certificate either visit the 21 Acres Market during store hours or email,

Membership AND Pavers

Buy both a 21 Acres Membership at the $100 level and a Commemorative Paver as a gift by December 19  and receive a coupon for 50 percent off a cooking class.

Complimentary Tickets

Lastly, if you purchase a membership, paver or gift certificate for a holiday present, YOU will receive a special invitation to our 2013 Earth Day event with two tickets to keep for yourself and two to go along with your present.

With all these great choices, are you inspired? If so, just visit the Market or contact Deb via email- or call, 425-481-1500.

Please note: For holiday timing, gifts will be available for purchase and pick-up in the Market through December 22. If you need items mailed, orders must be placed by December 19. Thank you!

Charitable Donations

21 Acres is a nonprofit 501(C)3 charitable organization and accepts donations year-round.  Your financial support is critical in making the 21 Acres Center for Local food and Sustainable Living a highly visible example of people, land, agriculture and wildlife co-existing productively and harmoniously.

 Thank you for your support.